Dubai: Semi Permanent Make Up

Dubai: Semi Permanent Make Up

Candice Watson of Exclusive Beauty offers the best Semi Permanent Make Up treatments currently in the region.
All our semi permanent make up tretaments are to Harley Street standards and meet all current health and hygiene standards.
Contact us to book your free no obligation consultation.
Call 04 349 2800 and leave a short message or email [email protected] for appointments and more information.
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Dubai: Permanent Make Up, Dubai, UAE

Dubai: Permanent Make Up, Dubai, UAE
We offer the following permanent make up treatments to Harley Street standards in Dubai, please contact [email protected] for appointments.
Permanent Eyebrows*
Anyone who requires emphasis of the ‘brows’ will love this procedure and the time saved not having to pencil everyday. If you have no brow hair, or sparse brows due to over plucking the difference balanced brows can make is amazing.
Permanent Eye Liner*
Make the most of your eyes with permanent make up and micropigmentation. From subtle to dramatic, eyelash enhancement or eyeliner can dramatically define eyes, creating great looks that are long lasting and always perfect.
Permanent Lip Liner and Full Colour*
For a truly subtle and beautiful cosmetic effect, permanent make up is an excellent way of enhancing the shape and colour of your lips. With skilled application, lips can look fuller and more shapely.
Permanent Make Up Consultations*
Our free permanent make up consultations take around 15 minutes and there is no obligation to book a treatment however we always allocate time to perform a treatment if you decide to go-ahead after the consultation.
Top Up Treatments for Permanent Make Up*
All our treatments consist of the initial treatment and a top up treatment 14 – 28 days after. Lip Colour or Lip Blush may require two or three top up treatments which are also included in our initial fee however most people require just two treatments.
Please contact [email protected] for more information and appointments.
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Permanent Make Up also known as Semi Permanent Make Up, SPMU and Micropigmentation.
*Permanent Make Up teatments last for between 1 and 5 years depending on conditions.

Abu Dhabi: Semi Permanent Make Up, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi: Semi Permanent Make Up, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Semi Permanent Make Up by Harley Street Specialist at locations in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Candice Watson of Exclusive Beauty performs all our Semi Permanent Make Up treatments to current Harley Street standards.

Insist on the best, insist on Exclusive Beauty!
Email [email protected] for more details.

Permanent Cosmetics in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Permanent Cosmetics in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

All our treatments are performed by Candice Watson of Exclusive Beauty who has worked and trained on Harley Street, London.  For appointments please email [email protected] or visit our dedicated site for more details.

We offer the complete range permanent cosmetics including:
Eyebrow Enhancement
Eyelash Enhancement
Lip Line
Lip Colour
and Lip Blush.
We also offer a complete range of Medical Micropigmentation including:
Areola Reconstruction
Scar Camouflage
and Tattoo Removal
Please contact us for more details and locations – [email protected] 

Semi Permanent Make Up

SPMU or Semi Permanent Make Up in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is going through a transformation.  Visit our dedicated site at: or
Insist on the best, insist on Exclusive Beauty.
SPMU also known as: semi permanent make up, permanent make up, micropigmentation, makeup tattoo

Exclusive Beauty Middle East

Exclusive Beauty Middle East Group website is up and ready for the first updates.
Please visit for more details.

Time Out Abu Dhabi: Get make-up that really lasts

Time Out Abu Dhabi: Get make-up that really lasts

Semi-permanent make-up by Candice Watson of Exclusive Beauty UAE.  For appointments please email [email protected] or call 050 942 1722.
Please click on the link for the full Time Out Abu Dhabi article or read below.
Where to get make-up that really lasts in Abu Dhabi


Having a tattooed face isn’t just the preserve of bikers and heavy metallers anymore. Ladies across the UAE are turning to the needle for semi-permanent make-up procedures that leave their eyes, lips and brows ‘done’ for up to five years. It’s a big commitment, but it seems as though nothing daunts beauty-seekers in the capital, so demand for the treatment is steadily growing. We asked specialist Candice Watson (pictured, top right) to tell us more.
Can you explain how SPMU actually works?
SPMU (semi-permanent make-up) is a process that implants pigment into the skin for a lasting effect. We do not go as deep as conventional tattoos and we use safe and non-indelible pigments. Permanent tattoo inks will always have a blue hue to them and they last forever. Anyone using these permanent inks (which many do in the UAE) should not be doing so for make-up; they will always end up as a blue or green colour which is not a good look on an eyebrow!

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How long does it last?
The SPMU will last two-five years, but in this heat and sun I always recommend that my clients have a top up after 12-18 months to keep the colour fresh.
What are the advantages of having SPMU?
I can’t think of anyone who would not benefit from SPMU. It saves time applying make-up each day, it will never smudge down your face in the heat or when swimming and you even wake up in the morning looking perfect. Other people who benefit are those with allergies to cosmetic make-up, wear glasses and find it difficult to see when applying make-up, or have thin eyebrow hair.
So everyone’s biggest fear – what if a mistake is made?
Mistakes are made with SPMU and with PMU (permanent tattooing) but this is due to poor quality specialists, bad pigments and low quality machines, many of which are commonplace in the UAE. I would estimate around 70 per cent of my work in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is correction or removal of other people’s poor quality work. It is amazing how bad some treatments can look and that someone can do that sort of work on someone’s face! Thankfully I use a very successful removals method which nine times out of 10 completely removes the pigment, even if a permanent ink has been used.
And is the treatment painful?
I have heard from many of my clients that when they last had an SPMU treatment elsewhere it was agony, but when I treat them they have been amazed by how there is so little pain. I even have clients falling asleep while having the treatment.
Do you have SPMU yourself?
I started doing SPMU 20 years ago and the first thing I had done was lip-liner, which I loved, and will now never be without. I also had eyelash enhancement done about three years ago, and I apply just a few hair strokes now and then in my brows. I’m not sure I could go without it now. Although it all looks very natural I don’t think I would want to wake up in the morning and see myself with nothing there at all – scary!
What kind of SPMU is the most popular?
In my 20 years of experience working in the UK it was always eyebrows that were the most popular request. But in the UAE it seems to be everything, full lip colour, eyebrows – the works! Anybody between the ages of 18-80 can have SPMU. although we use a slightly different technique for older skin to prevent bleeding of the colour.
Does the final effect look natural or fully made-up?
SPMU can look as natural or as made-up as the client wishes. I do try to encourage clients to stick to the more natural side of things, so when they take the rest of their make-up off it doesn’t look startlingly obvious that they’ve had SPMU done. When SPMU first came out it was meant to enhance your natural features, and not to be used as a complete replacement for cosmetic make-up. Over the years, however, people have started to become more confident with looking made-up all the time, so of course times change, but still I would encourage people not to go over the top….
Prices range from Dhs1,000-6,000. Contact Candice on 050 942 1722 or 04 349 2800 or email [email protected] to book an appointment.
By 2 August 2011

Abu Dhabi: Time Out | The Knowledge

Abu Dhabi: Time Out – The Knowledge

Candice Watson and our Harley Street Semi Permanent Make Up treatments were mentioned in this weeks Time Out Abu Dhabi in The Knowledge section.
The full article is out in next weeks addition so go buy it!

Dubai: Look Great for the Summer Months

Dubai: Look Great for the Summer Months
…..with Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU) by the Harley Street Specialists based in Dubai, UAE.  Call 050 942 1722 or email [email protected] for more details.

Candice Watson our Harley Street Specialist

Look great all summer with our Semi Permanent Makeup (SPMU) service. Choose from Eyebrow Enhancement, Eyeliner, Eyelash Enhancement, Lip Liner, Full Lip Blush or Full Lip colour.
New to Dubai!  Two Tone Eyeliner!  Why have just one colour eyeliner when you can have two.   New treatment straight from Harley Street.  The hottest new SPMU treatment to hit Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Don’t risk ruining your look in the summer heat.
Insist on the best, insist on Exclusive Beauty!
All treatments performed by Harley Street trained Specialist.

Dubai: Need a Brow Treatment?

Dubai: Need a Brow Treatment?
Call 050 942 1722 or email [email protected] for more details or visit

Exclusive Beauty is the Harley Street Specialists based in Dubai.  We offer world class treatments and pride ourselves in being the market leaders for both results and standards of service.
Particular attention is made to ensuring you are impressed with your finished eyebrow look using the latest Harley Street techniques.  We offer a variety of eyebrow treatments including: Eyebrow Enhancement and our new Dynamic Brows range for those not quite ready for SPMU.
Eyebrow Enhancement is a Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU) treatment using the only class 2a medically certified machine on the market.  This machine is the best in the world and coupled with our ultra fine hair stroke needles, cause less trauma to the skin and therefore our treatments are less painful than other treatments available elsewhere.
We adhere to the strictest Health and Safety procedures the same as Harley Street, London and we expect all our Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU) procedures to last between 2 and 5 years.  Please see our full list of procedures below.

We are wholesalers for our unique Dynamic Brow pack, launch in the UAE May 2011. Dynamic Brows is a non-intrusive treatment for unruly eyebrows.  A 6 step procedure using tints and make up which lasts up to 4 weeks.  A great treatment for someone who is not sure about SPMU but needs to tame their brows.
Dynamic Brows is available at several locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, please email [email protected] for more details.
Full list of our Semi Permanent Make Up Treatments to Harley Street Standards:
Eyebrow Enhancement
Eyeliner – top, bottom or both!
Eyelash Enhancement
Lip Line
Full Lip Colour
Full Lip Blush
Beauty Spot Application
At several locations in Dubai including Jumeira 2, The Madinat Jumeirah and Healthcare City.
We also offer Tattoo Removals using the only treatment to actually work.  Using the same 2a class medical certified SPMU machine a removal cream is applied to the skin to draw the pigments out of the skin.
Beware of laser removals as laser  can force the pigments deeper into the skin and not remove the pigment as it should.
Our number one goal is to educate people in the region that it is possible to obtain the same treatment you would receive on Harley Street, locally in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Many of our clients have had poor treatments performed which we are forced to correct with sometimes a course of removals and or re-application using our Harley Street techniques.
We are the only medically trained SPMU specialists currently in the region offering full medical treatments including:
Scar Camouflage – Applying colours to blend scars with surrounding area of skin
MCA – Dry needling to flatten and smooth out scars
Vitiligo – Lose of pigment in skin
Scalp and Hair Loss Treatment – Tattooing hair strokes to cover bald patches
Tattoo Removals – Cosmetic and Body
As these are medical procedure they must be performed in a Medically Certified establishment. Available in the Madinat Jumeirah and Healthcare City, email [email protected] for more details.
Insist on the best, insist on Exclusive Beauty – the Harley Street Specialists.