Dubai: Semi Permanent Make Up – Eyebrow Treatments

Dubai: Semi Permanent Make Up – Eyebrow Treatments

Fabulous eyebrows can add instant lift, shape and contour to your face.   There are a range of effects available which offer subtle, realistic solutions, these include:-

  • choosing pigment colours to replicate individual hairs along the brow, a great solution for sparse, overplucked or missing brows
  • defining a brow shape with colour to create a stronger, thicker effect
  • lifting the brow using placement, shape and colour to give a refreshed appearance to the face.

As well as offering a make- up solution which does not wash away, smudge or disappear, our treatments are perfect for people who find applying make- up challenging.
There are 3 different types of brow techniques available:

  • Natural – individual hair strokes

This technique uses our super fine needles the width of an individual hair.  The eyebrow shape is built up in layers of hair strokes to look as natural as possible. This is the most natural eyebrow treatment and is a must have semi permanent make up treatment for anyone who would like perfect eyebrows with a natural look. A very popular technique.

  • Block – heavy filled in brows

A very popular look with ladies from the Middle East.  This block eyebrow technique consists of tattooing the outline and then shading in the entire area using a circular motion.  More than any other eyebrow technique it is essential you are happy with the shape and look as the total block is very difficult to change once tattooed.  We will always draw on the shape first to a shape which matches your face and features.
Hair strokes can be added on top of the block to give a more natural 3D look.

  • Dusting – a flush of colour through the brow to give the effect of a brow powder.

Using our broad dusting needle and technique an almost smudge of colour is applied to the eyebrow to give a very natural look.  This technique gives a similar look to an eye shadow to give a soft shading effect.
All semi permanent make up eyebrow treatments are performed by Candice Watson, the Harley Street specialist based in Dubai.
To speak to Candice please call 04 349 2800 and leave a short message and Candice will call you back or for appointments please call LCAS on 04 375 2393 and speak to Whimper.
More information is available by emailing [email protected]
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