Eyelash Enhancement

Eyelash Enhancement

Our most subtle semi permanent makeup treatment.

Make small eyes look bigger or give the appearance of fuller lashes by mimicking the illusion of a thick row of lash hair on upper or lower lashes.

Semi Permanent Eyelash Enhancement redefines the lash line. Eyelash hairs are naturally spaced apart. It is this spacing that is filled in with pigment to give the look of a full and constant line of hair.

Semi Permanent Eyelash Enhancement is a very subtle, almost a ‘starter’ procedure of semi permanent make up.

More Definition

Semi Permanent Eyelash Enhancement is a perfect solution for anyone, male or female wishing to enhance their eyes in a very subtle way.

Many of us would like a subtle enhancement to our eyes.

Semi Permanent Eyelash Enhancement offers you a subtle look with an almost pain-free treatment application. By filling in the gaps between the lash roots through the top, bottom or both sets of lashes we will give your eyes greater definition and subtle improvement.

We recommend a similar colour to your lashes however you can choose the colour and if you prefer a heavier made-up look for evenings and occasions you can still apply your party look eyeliner over the top.


From October 2016 Semi Permanent Makeup and Medical Micropigmentation appointments should be made through www.ExclusiveAesthetic.com and through their contact page HERE.